Thursday, September 6, 2012

week 6 and new gear!

Here I am at crunch time & feeling pumped, each run from here on forward I'm striving to do better.  This past Monday was Labor Day and I'll be honest I just wanted to relax and sleep in, but I got up at 5am, ate breakfast and made my way out the door for a 7mi run - it felt awesome and I was on a runner's high for most of the day until I crashed and needed a catnap to recharge.

Tuesday brought me NTC 45 min Intermediate Get Toned Competitor  workout loaded with pulse lunges and froggers - oi! Hamstrings and quads did not like me at all that day.

Wednesday was a 3 mile tempo run.  I didn't fair too well as I read the weather wrong and was not prepared for the sticky humidity in the morning. I finished the run and there was no runner's high - I was exhausted! 

 The one thing that kept me going was the reward of chocolate soy milk :P  

Yesterday also rewarded me with box 3 of goodies from Nike Women! 

NIKE LUNARGLIDE+ 4 (fuschia)  - I've yet to try them - Friday I have a 4mi run so I'll be sure to review.  I am hearing amazing things about this runner, so I'm excited to give them a spin!
NIKE SPEED LONG-SLEEVE  - loving the laser-cut thumbholes for additional coverage around the hands, this will be key depending on the weather in San Francisco 
NIKE PRO HYPERCOOL BRA - I now have a complete rainbow of bras - woot!
NIKE RELAY tank top
NIKE RELAY PRINT capris - the print is kinda funky, but I'm sure I won't mind when the cooler weather arrives

The new compression gear will definitely help me on my long runs and prevent chaffing. I was sweating like a beast those days and started chaffing on my underarms. I'm new to long distance running, so it's good I am going through the trial and error phase now instead of on the day of the marathon.

Today brings me another NTC workout -  Intermediate 30 min Get Strong Perfect Score. Squats, jumps squats and core are the main focus.  Wish me luck :)

Tomorrow is a 4 mile run, followed by a 9 mile on Saturday and Sunday REST...

Total miles this week = 23miles.

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