Monday, December 10, 2012

Do you have what it takes for the NikeFuel mission?

Tomorrow marks the first time ever NikeFuel Missions, the game will be powered by your everyday movement.

Get Moving
The objective of each mission is to earn enough NikeFuel in a given time period. Choose your physical activity and get moving. The more you move, the more NikeFuel you earn.

Log in
Begin your NikeFuel Missions journey by logging in using your Nike+ Account. If you do not already have a Nike+ account, you can create one by visiting

Choose Nike+ Device
Your Nike+ device measures your movement and turns it into NikeFuel. You must earn NikeFuel to advance throughout the game.

To play NikeFuel Missions, you must have at least one Nike+ device:
  • Nike+ Running App
    Nike+ Fuelband
    Nike+ Basketball App
    Nike+ Training App
    Nike+ Sportswatch GPS
    Nike+ Sportband
    iPod nano with Nike+
    Nike+ Kinect Training
  • To begin a mission, you must select a single device for gameplay. You may change your selected device on the Settings screen, provided a mission is not in progress.

Start Mission
At the start of each mission, you may choose your difficulty level: easy, medium, or hard. This will determine the amount of NikeFuel required to pass the mission. Each mission duration varies throughout the game.
Timer Starts
Once you have your Nike+ device in hand and are ready to begin, click or tap Play Now. This will begin the mission and start the clock.
Timer Ends
The Mission clock will count down until it has expired.

Sync your Device
You must sync your Nike+ device after the Mission clock has expired to view gameplay results. You may sync your device at any time; however, gameplay results will not be available until you do so.  

If you have not met the NikeFuel goal to advance to the next Mission, you may restart at any time to try again.

Advance to Next Mission
If you have met or exceeded the NikeFuel goal, you may advance to the next Mission by selecting Play Next Mission

Got it? Now get moving!! 

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