Thursday, March 21, 2013

Healthy grocery shopping list

Healthy eating doesn't start in your kitchen. It begins when you wheel your cart down the aisles of your local supermarket.  My go to supermarket is Whole Foods, but if you can't get to one, any grocery store will do just select your items carefully.

Having these healthy foods on hand will give you enough meal and snack options, for home and work. 

For Your Pantry 
Cereal (without cartoons on the box;P try for at least 4 grams of fiber per serving) 
Wheat crackers 
Brown rice 
Whole wheat pasta
Tomato sauce (check the ingredients - you want a sauce made with only tomatoes, olive oil, and spices - no corn syrup or sugar added) 
Canned diced or whole peeled tomatoes 
Canned tuna and/or salmon packed in water 
Low-sodium canned soups (such as Campbell’s Healthy Request ) 
Basic seasonings: salt, pepper, brown sugar, taco seasoning, hot sauce like Tabasco or my favourite Sriracha , low-sodium soy sauce 

Healthy oils like extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, and nonfat cooking spray (keep oils out of the sun, in a cupboard, so they do not get rancid) 
Low-calorie hot chocolate packets 
An assortment of teas - I am hooked on David's Tea lots to choose from, but on the pricey side 
Granola bars
Avocados (when available) 

Your Refrigerator 
Fruits and veggies galore (apples, oranges, lemons, lettuces, tomato, cucumber) 
Nonfat/low-fat milk 
Nonfat/low-fat yogurt 
Calcium-enriched orange juice 
Natural nut butters - almond or peanut 
Low-fat cheese: reduced-fat cheddar, part-skim mozzarella
Butter - I like Spreadables Light
Salsa (try to buy fresh salsa whenever possible) 
Dark chocolate 

Your Freezer 
Frozen veggies (broccoli, spinach, peas) 
Frozen fruit (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries) 
Skinless chicken breasts 
Frozen cooked shrimp 
Low-calorie ice cream treats 

*If you must have a cheat meal make it once a week & it should be a REASONABLE portion of whatever you want. But like I said, keep it reasonable! Also, try to make it on a day where you are very active if possible.

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