Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Moving on, but never forgetting...

Feb 14 (Allan-tines Day as his cousin worded it) was my father's service. Over 200+ people showed up to mourn my father's passing and to celebrate his life. It was an incredible tough, sad and yet powerful day. What follows is my eulogy, which a few people asked me to post.  I have to say, it was probably the hardest speech I have ever had to give.

While it is very painful to say goodbye to my dad, I am comforted at what he has done for our family and his friends over the years and during his last few months. My dad had many hobbies and met a lot of people through them, he looked for every opportunity to learn more about them and offer advice and help when needed. He helped my sister and I through homework. He helped my mom with everything - he spoiled us with his delicious cooking. He helped me figure out a major, how to confront myself, and how our finest moments in life are only reached when we are challenged.

It looks like God just hired a new angel. God, you apparently have something greater planned for my Dad. I request that you provide him the following to maximize his happiness and productivity. Please give him his favorite simple pleasures in life: 
Please give him a spacious table full of supplies and endless model kits to assemble and paint. 
Please give him a sushi bar and a home theater w/his fave Godzilla movies w/Tenchi (our pet cat who passed away this past Nov) at his lap. 
Please give him a sweater and wool socks to keep warm. 
Please give him all of the love, laughter, and wonderful experiences he had in this life and more.

Thanks to mom and sister for every comfortable moment he had. We are all privileged and honored by every minute of his life. In his field of work my dad learned many things:
- Live honestly and with integrity
- Work efficiently and make the most of every moment
- Cherish what you have
- Find a way to make others smile and find things that make you smile
- Put 100% into every task no matter how menial.

I will end this tribute to my father’s life and legacy by a very simple, profound comment he made when he was ill. He said one afternoon, “I know my cure” and he pointed up towards God.

Thank you all for touching my dad's life and allowing him to touch yours.
Daddy, I love you and I miss you so much. I will always do my best to honor you.


Today Feb 20,  I am back at work and slowly trying to get back to living because that is what my dad would've wanted for his family.  I know that even though he is not physically here with us, he is in our hearts & memories. 
If there is one thing I can take from my Dad's passing is to live, laugh and love each day to the fullest.

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