Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nike+GPS challenges are here! Are you game?

Nike recently updated their popular Nike+GPS running app a few days ago, bringing it to version 4.3. The update includes handful of improvements and one new BIG feature - NIKE+ CHALLENGES.
With this fun new update you can now challenge your friends to a race. Set the distance and finish date, send an invite to another Nike+ users, and the app will track each of your runs to see who hits the goal first.
Here are the release notes for 4.3:

Ready to take on your friends? With Nike+ Challenges, you’ll compete with your friends and motivate each other to go farther and faster than ever before. Track your progress, top the leaderboard, and snag a medal. Every run counts. 
• Choose a distance and invite your Nike+ friends. 
• Keep track of who’s in the lead and stay motivated through group chats. 
• Finish a Challenge before your friends and take home a medal. We’ll leave the bragging rights to you. 
snapshot of a challenge I created 

Give it a try and if you find it's not for you, you can opt out of the challenge.  The update is great for recreational runners to up their game up :)
You can download the Nike+GPS in the App Store, for free.

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