Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Here are 2 techniques to challenge your run:

  1. Intervals -  Running at a consistent pace is great for longer training runs, but make workouts more intense by doing intervals. By alternating between running a few minutes at a moderate pace and throwing in bursts at a quicker pace (or even sprinting), you'll burn more calories, build endurance, and become a faster, stronger runner. Not to mention, intervals have also been proven to fight belly fat. I've recently started adding these to my routine outside, it's fun! Pick a post, mailbox or any object and sprint towards it.

  2. Hills - I'm doing the NWM2012 in San Francisco and the first thing I thought was "gaaaaah HILLS!" Hills are intimidating, but they really do make us better runners. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?   Doing hill work on inclines also targets your thighs, calves, and booty ;) Who doesn't want a tight tush?! I do! I do!

It's so easy to get caught doing the same ol' thing everyday - but changing it up will increase fat burn and strengthening.

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