Thursday, June 7, 2012


  1. You need an alarm to wake up. 
  2. You use the snooze button on your alarm more than twice.
  3. You fall asleep in fewer than 10 minutes.
  4. Simple decisions stump you.
  5. You're still hungry after eating all day.
  6. You keep coming down with colds.
  7. Weird things make you cry.
  8. You've become a klutz.
wow - 6/8 for me o_O especially during the workweek lol, even as I typed this I'm zoning in and out Zzzzzz

So today I scoured the web for tips and here is what I found: 

  • Make Sleep a Priority - turn off that iPhone, comp or tv asap when you feel drowsy 
  • Have a sleep-inducing snack - Certain foods can help induce sleepiness: 
  1. HONEY- Add a drizzle of honey to warm milk or herbal tea
  2. DAIRY - It's true, that warm glass of milk your mom gave you when you were a kid does help you sleep better. 
  3. POULTRY -  It's not just turkey that contains sleep-inducing tryptophan; all poultry does.
  4. TEA -  mug of chamomile tea before you go to bed is effective
  • Relax with yoga &  clear your mind
  • Consistency is key: Try to maintain a consistent sleep schedule each day of the week, even on weekends. Getting up and going to bed at the same time everyday will help your body fall into a natural rhythm, so it knows when to sleep, and when to be awake.
I'll def. be trying these tips as of tonight & hope Mr. Sandman visits for a restful sleep.  See you in dream land...

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