Tuesday, August 7, 2012

NTC:Nike Training Club

I've been receiving lots of questions on what exactly is NTC is and how it works.  First things first, you'll need to own an iPhone/iTouch to download this amazing app. Nike has offered up NTC (Nike Training Club) as a free, ad-free, no excuses solution for newbies and fitness addicts alike.

Background of how it was created:
Marie Purvis is the mastermind (and body) behind the awesome NTC . She is an international trainer-of-trainers who has custom-built all of NTC’s full-body and targeted workouts. She has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology, with personal trainer certification, and a roster of clients that includes professional athletes and non-athletes of all ages.
It will be honour to run with and meet her at the NWM2012.

HOW IT WORKS: Select your goal and level, then choose from a list of workouts that meet your criteria.
Nike Training Club iPhone screenshots 

Now it’s time for your workout! The exercises are listed out for you. If you don’t know what something is, you can click on it and it will take you through some photos or you can watch a video of how to perform the exercise.
This is a great feature. There’s basically no way you can not understand what an exercise is which is so helpful. 
The more workouts you do, the more rewards you get. Enough rewards unlock new workouts, or trainer advice, or smoothie recipes.  While you’re doing your workout, you can also pick music that you may have stored on your iPhone to be played while you’re exercising.
NTC is extremely intuitive, and I honestly still (after years of using) cannot believe this app cost me nothing. No workout video or application has ever held me so accountable for my own fitness level. NTC doesn’t let you make excuses. NTC doesn’t let you fudge your workout. It keeps your workouts, tracks  progress, and is your own personal cheerleader. I cannot say enough good things about this app.
If you have an iPhone or an iTouch and you’re wanting to get fitter without having to go to a gym, find and download the NTC app on iTunes and get exercising! 

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  1. Hey the App is just released in german and we've tested it in Berlin together with Nike Trainer Alex Hipwell at Soho House. Have a look: http://www.flair-magazin.de/lieblinge/best-of-social-media/artikel/ntc-fitness-app-nike-training-club-auf-deutsch.html