Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Find your greatness

Nike Women is helping me find my greatness, they continue to push/motivate me throughout my training for the NWM2012.  I am also lucky to have a great group of ladies on twitter #sistersinnike, family, friends, co-workers and my fiance who continually cheer me on. 

Nike has launched their new campaign "Find your greatness" and it couldn't have come at a better time at the start of the Olympics. Greatness is for all of us, it's not just reserved for the championship athlete.  It is found in everyday athletes who have personal goals, train hard, work hard and achieve that goal.  Whether it's crossing that finish line, or even getting off that couch and going for a jog - that is greatness.  No regrets, and each time you get out there do the best you can do, go for that extra inch and strive for better.  Challenge yourself. Find your greatness!

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