Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 2 - Stretching w/Marie Purvis, Alcatraz and dinner w/Nike Team

Yesterday morning started off with some much needed stretching w/the mastermind behind the Nike Training Club, Marie Purvis at the piers of San Francisco. This is where we also had our 2nd photoshoot w/the Nike+FuelBand team.

Group shot from Thursday's shoot w/Jerome Love - more pics on the Facebook Nike+FuelBand page
Nike+FuelBand photoshoot at the piers

  After that it was off to the Nike Expo to pick up our race kits.  The atmosphere was energetic - there were stylist booths, hair and make up sessions, NTC mini sessions and so much more.  Nike really knows how to keep the marathon participants pumped and primped for tmr's run.

Then we had free time before dinner.  Justin and I took the time to visit the must see Alcatraz - very creepy, I can only imagine how scary it would be to so the tour at night!  I highly recommend doing the 45min audio tour *shudder* the background noises while you walk around will def add to the experience.

John Anglin, Clarence Anglin, and Frank Morris inmates at the prison used cardboard, cement chips, and human hair from the floor of the barbershop to create fake human heads.  They spent one year chipping away at the vent behind toilets for escape routes.


 Dinner time at First Crush located in Union Sq. w/ the Nike Women management team!  Food was fantastic.

Time to get in the carbs a few days before Sunday.  Never carb load the night before a race.

Definitely one of the highlights was meeting Marie Purvis.  I've been a huge fan of her workouts since she launched the Nike Training Club app for the iPhone in 2008   

Fuel check time while winding down after another fun filled day with the #SistersInNike

About to start Day 3 with a shake out run w/the ladies and Marie before the big day tmr!  I will try to squeeze in a post before...if not def after the race ;)

Thanks for the support and remember to check Facebook for the live tracker details.
Race will commence around 10am EST 2pm GMT

My bib number is 11821 and I am running the half marathon  
Nerissa Mata 

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