Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nike Women's Marathon is here!!!

The big day is finally here! I'm feeling good, scratch that - I'm feeling awesome and pumped to do this run.  How will I tackle my first marathon?  My plan is to take it easy just before the first steep hill at mile 6, that's when my quads will really feel the burn and where the crowd will start to break from the stronger runners to walkers - depending on how that goes I may resort to walking the hills (they are brutal !) ...we'll see, then at mile 10 I'm going pick up my speed and crush this marathon!! I haven't set a time as to how long I want to take to complete this because it's my first race and to be honest I'll want to take pictures along the way too :)

Yesterday, we had a shake out run with Marie Purvis along the Bay.  It was really neat to warm-up for 3mi run with one of my favorite Nike woman and the person who put together my training schedule.

Renisha @RenewedFitness and I on our 3mi shakeout run

Gorgeous scenery everywhere in San Fran - had to get the Golden Gate Bridge picture post run  

After the photoshoot and interview with the Nike+ FuelBand team, it's off to China Town one last time to grab souvenirs.

 Won Ton Soup w/ Shrimp for lunch - I think I've had prawns everyday since I've been here hehe

3 Wise Monkeys "See No Evil, Speak No Evil and Hear No Evil

Took it easy the rest of the night with the BIG run to look forward to.  So now off I go.

***Remember to cheer me on or track me live NWM Live Results - I'll hear your cheers along the way :)
I'm running the half marathon and bib# 11821 


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