Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thank you Tenchi for 16 amazing yrs...

 I woke up in the middle of the night to the recognizable meow I would hear every morning for the last 16 years.  As I strained to listen again, I realized I was imagining things. Tenchi, my best friend was gone and I started to cry.   He was put to sleep yesterday.  I'm writing about this sad day in hopes to help release my emotions.

Tenchi was diagnosed with diabetes over 5yrs ago.  He was on a strict diet and required insulin shots every 12 hrs - he was content on getting his shots.  Tenchi would know when he was due for a shot, sat next to the fridge and meow if we were even 10 min late giving it to him!  He did amazing for 4 1/2yrs being a diabetic - active and held his own when Kenny (other cat) and him would play fight.  Then things started to change...old age was settling in.  We grumbled as the "accidents" increased, but cleaned it up and made attempts to keep him happy.  About a month ago, we got the first signs that time was not on our side -  His daily exploration got smaller and smaller. His hind legs would give out under him at random times. He would have tremors at night, his appetite decreased. Finally we noticed he wasn't himself anymore - he was lethargic and urine incontinent.   My sister made every effort to nurse him back to health, she would try to get blended cat food using an eye dropper into his mouth, but his weak body wasn't absorbing the nutrients needed.

Yesterday, with a heavy heart deep down I knew his time had come.  I wanted so badly for the vet to say otherwise, I wanted Tenchi to be with me on my 30th and Christmas is just around the corner, but he was straight-up w/me before I could get a word in.  He was very happy Tenchi lived 16yrs being a diabetic cat - he said most don't live past 13yrs.
I held on to Tenchi the entire time, I wasn't ready to say goodbye...Tenchi was ready though, he knew - he laid down on the table closed his eyes and held on to my finger w/his paw.  I played Nora Jones' "Sunrise" song for him (his fave artist - as he would always purr when her music came on radio, even when he wasn't being petted or touched) he started to purr lightly.  The vet injected him in the hip with the sedative, he seemed at peace as he drifted off to sleep while my dad and I  talked to him.( A quick thought came to my mind that I could run out of there w/Tenchi in my arms still alive), but reality took over - then came the euthanasia solution,  it took 6 seconds and he was gone - my best friend was gone.

My family and I are still very sad today.  I cried at random times today.  He can't be replaced, we still have Kenny and will love him as we did w/Tenchi.  R.I.P - I love you so much <3

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  1. OMG! My eyes are tearing up. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I know what it's like to lose an animal. They are family! No ifs, ands or but's. You have all right to cry and do what you have to do to mourn his loss. He was a very strong cat to have gone through those shots for so long. My cat would have flipped out! He's in a better place now and out of pain and he was with you for a long time and you proved your love by being so dedicated to him during his time of need. May God Watch Over him in Kitty Heaven.